We currently don't have a coherent immigration plan. At one time, anyone who could get to our country was welcome, but new immigrants had to bring with them or secure here, their own means for success. It is not the purpose of our welfare programs to support immigration. Immigrants should be welcome as always, provided they will not burden our communities.

Second Amendment

I fully support the 2nd Amendment. Our founders put this into the founding documents to protect American citizens from their government.  I am a gun owner and a father who is teaching my children fire arm safety.   I will not support additional laws that add more burden to law abiding gun owners. 


We don't need our troops stationed all over the world. We have technology that allows us to see what is going on and the ability to get to the problem in short order. Bring our troops home.


Most politicians rail at you that our healthcare costs are too high while offering no solutions. Prescription drugs and care are expensive. Let's investigate why the prices are set where they are. I will get to the bottom of this and report back to you. We will then plan a path forward. 

Respect for Life

I am pro-life. An unwanted child should be prevented, not aborted.

End of life is also to be respected. Food and water are not medical treatment, but basic necessities. There is dignity in the human person to their last day, regardless of their medical condition.

College Costs

The federal government floods the secondary education market with money.  
It gives the money directly to the student who is solely responsible for repayment. The colleges get their money whether the student succeeds or fails. The federal government should loan money to the colleges, who then loan to the student. Both would be invested in the success of the student and both would be responsible for repayment.

Federal Deficit

We need to limit the growth of our government to 3% to 4% annually until we grow ourselves to a balanced budget.

When our budget is in balance we set should our budget of 99% of previous revenues. We should put together a two year budget that allows each department to keep whatever funds they have not spent from year one.

Term Limits

Both the House and Senate elected officials should be limited to twelve years of consecutive service. At the end of twelve years there should be a six year period during which the previously elected official may not serve. This would allow the elected official to gain knowledge without using their incumbency to hold a lifetime appointment.

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